aka.wiirmote FAQ

Q Do I need the Wii Console ?
A: No. You need the Wii Remote (a.k.a. Wiimote) and the Macintosh computer with Bluetooth. You also need the Sensor Bar (power-supplied by yourself) if you use IR-sensor. You can use two IR-transmitters or two candles instead of the Sensor Bar .

Q: Can I use two Wiimotes ?
A: You can use multiple Wiimotes in 1.0B4 and later. I could connect five Wiimotes to one computer at a time. I have used eighteen Wiimotes with four computers.

Q: Does it support Nunchuk and Classic Controller ?
A: Nunchuk is supported in 1.0B5. Classic Controller is supported in 1.0B6.

Q: The object is not created (dimmed).
A: Please note that you have to run it under the latest Mac OS X (10.4.8 and later) and Max (4.6.2 and later). The Bluetooth framework version should be 1.6.3 and later.

Q: I cannot connect the object to my Wiimote.
A: You have to setup Wii Remote for use with your computer using [RVL Enabler] or [Bluetooth Setup Assistant] for the first time.

Q: Does it run on Intel-Mac and PowerPC-Mac ?
A: Yes. It is a universal binary Mach-O object. I checked it with my MacBook Pro and PowerBook G4, both with internal Bluetooth device. I also checked it with my PowerMac G5(2.5GHz/Quad) and D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth-USB Adapter.

Q: Is it buggy on PowerBook G4 ?
A: Sure. It is unstable and some functions does not work fine on PowerBook G4. In my experience, I had a good result if I do the following steps every time I use it on PowerBook G4. (You would set up only once on Intel-Mac.)
1: Delete “Nintendo RVL-CNT-01” on “Device” tab in “Bluetooth” System Preference.
2: Do the setup for Wii Remote.
3: Open “aka.wiiremote.help” and connect it.

Q: Can I use the Wiimote that is sold outside Japan ?
A: Yes. I believe the Wiimotes are same in the world.

Q: What is the Sync button that is mentioned in the help patch ?
A: A small red button inside the Wiimote battery box. You can also push 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously to start the synchronization.

Q: The sound of vibration is a little unusual.
A: It was fixed in 1.0B3, I believe.

Q: Do you have the object for Windows and CFM ?
A: No. But I published my source code. So I hope someone would port it to them.

Q: Can I modify your source code and publish another version of the object ?
A: Yes. You can modify and publish it under the BSD license described in COPYRIGHT.txt in the distribution.

Q: What is the difference of DarwiinRemote and aka.wiiremote in source codes ?
A: I made it referring to the source code of WiiRemote Framework 0.4. But they are not same because of the difference of APIs and programming languages.

Q: What is the difference of DarwiinRemote and aka.wiiremote actually ?
A: DarwiinRemote is an application software and aka.wiiremote is a Max object apparently. aka.wiiremote provides raw informations from Wiimote and has no practical function. Thus you would make your own patch by yourself.

aka.wiirmote FAQ」への16件のフィードバック

  1. Jordi

    Hi Akamatsu,

    I use it for long time and was working fine. Thanks so much!

    now i have MacOS 10.5.7 and i tried with both max4.5.7 and max5 and i cant get it work… could you please confirm is it working on this platform?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi Jordi, As I said at the site, I can’t offer support for my max objects but….. 😉

    I checked it today and have NOT seen any inconveniences. It seems to work correctly.

    My system is:
    – MacBook Pro 15″(Late 2008, 2.8GHz CPU, 4GB RAM)
    – Mac OS X 10.5.7
    – Bluetooth 2.1.6f8
    – Max 5.0.7
    – aka.wiiremote b7


  3. Jerome Walter

    Hi Akamatsu,
    i tried with my macbookpro, Mac os x version 10.5.8
    and first it was working (not everytime but sometimes)
    now never
    Can u help me? is it because my version is 10.5.8?


  4. Johnty

    Hi Akamatsu,

    Thanks for a great program. When it is working it works very well. However I have connection problems: often I can’t seem to be able to connect to the wii-mote. I get 3 cases:

    1. Connection works. This happens maybe once in 10~20 tries. Sometimes even more.
    2. Nothing happens – the OSX bluetooth indicator (top right of screen) doesn’t show connection. The wii-mote stops flashing and turns off after a while.
    3. The OSX bluetooth shows a connection has been made. The wii-mote continues to flash, but the connection doesn’t work. (The LED’s should go off when connection has been made).

    Have you ever experienced this type of behaviour, or have any idea why this is happening?

    Thank you very much!


  5. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Jerome and Johnty, It was created a few years ago and maybe obsolete. Thanks.

  6. pedro paramo

    hi Akamatsu¡
    I´m trying to connect the wii, with an imac with OSX .6 and bluetooth 2.2.3f8, and max 5.1.
    but sometimes it works and sometimes not¡.
    Does it work in this system?
    Thank you very much.

  7. Tom

    Hi there,

    Does your software work with OSX 10.6,Max/MSP 5?It looks really good,and I’m considering buying a wiimote.



  8. tomme

    I have FUN MOTE plus (a wiimote plus compatibile) but only buttons works. NO accelerometer and gyroscope…

    can you help me?

  9. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi tomme, I can do nothing for the wiiremote as I said on the web site. Sorry for that.

  10. sarah

    Hey Masayuki Akamatsu ,
    At first, thank you very much for sharing this great object with us!
    Did you try to connect the new wii motion plus controller? does it work?
    and do you have any experiences with non original wii controllers?

    greetings from Germany



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