First use of Wii Remote

At the first use of Wii Remote, you have to do a setup (pairing) your computer using [RVL Enabler] or [Bluetoot Setup Assistant] as below:

Using RVL Enabler

1. Download RVL Enabler.
2. Launch RVL Enabler.
3. Click [Search] button.
4. Push [Sync] button of Wii Remote.
5. You will see [Nintendo RVL-CNT-01] item in the list.
6. Quit RVL Enabler.


Using Bluetooth Setup Assistant

1. Open [System Preference].
2. Choose [Bluetooth].
3. Choose [Devices] tab.
4. Click [Set Up New Device…] button.
You will see [Bluetooth Setup Assistant] application.


5. Click [Continue] button.
6. Choose [Any Device] and click [Continue] button.
7. Push [Sync] button of Wii Remote.
8. Choose [Nintendo RVL-CNT-01] in the list.
9. Click [Passkey Options…] button.
10. Choose [Do not use a passkey with this device] and click [OK] button.
11. Click [Continue] button.
12. If you see the message [Gathering additional information complete.], click [Continue] button.
13. You see the message [Congratulation! Your computer is now set up to use your Bluetooth device] and then click [Quit] button to terminate [Bluetooth Setup Assistant]application.

You can use Wii Remote now.

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  1. Shing-kwei Tzeng

    how can I use the WII Remote to get the Position data ( from right side “p ir” ) I have a set of Nintendo game play station, it should be contained Sensor bar, right?
    thanks for any instruction


  2. Joella Lorden

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