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AirCamera – Network Remote Photo Shooting

AirCamera is an application that makes it possible to control the iPhone’s camera via a network.  It allows you to take photos simultaneously with multiple iPhones, so it’s perfect for panorama and multi-angle photography.  AirCamera includes convenient functions for use with multiple iPhones, such as the ability to synchronize settings. What’s more, AirCamera can be controlled by other applications that support the OSC (OpenSound Control) protocol.

AirCamera includes the following features:
– Take photos
– Store photo to the camera roll
– Upload photo to Flickr
– Set the photo title at Flickr
– Set the photo description at Flickr
– Add IP address and iPhone name to the description automatically
– Set the picture tags at Flickr
– Change the rear camera and the front camera (supported devices only)
– Set the flash mode (supported devices only)
– Set the picture size
– Set sleep enable/disable
– Synchronize settings among instances
– Display IP address and iPhone name
– Display grid lines to assist shooting
– Display OSC commands

Commands are sent to all iPhones and computers which are connected to the same local area network.  AirCamera will act simultaneously according to the received command. Please refer to the support site for more information. An example of the OSC control application is also provided at the site.

– AirCamera is not supported on a device without a camera.
– The amount of photos you can upload to Flickr depends on your Flickr account.
– Wi-Fi based LAN connection is required to send and receive commands.


AirCamera – ネットワーク・リモート写真撮影

irCameraはネットワークを通じてリモート撮影を行うアプリケーションです。何台ものiPhoneを使って同時に撮影できますので、パノラマ写真やマルチ・アングル写真の撮影に適しています。また、あるAirCameraと他のAirCameraの設定を連動させるなど、複数のiPhoneの使用に適した適した機能を備えています。さらに、OSC(OpenSound Control)プロトコルに準拠した他のアプリケーションを用いてAirCameraをコントロールすることもできます。





How to register your Flickr account

You can upload pictures to Flickr when you register your account for AirCamera as below. Flickr uses Yahoo! account.


(1) Tap the gear (settings) icon.

(1) 歯車(設定)アイコンをタップします。

(2) Tap “Authorize” button.

(2) 認証ボタンをタップします。

(3) Tap “OK” button.

(3) OKボタンをタップします。

You’ll see the Flickr Sign In in Safari.


(4) Enter your Yahoo! ID and the password.
(5) Tap “Sign In” button.
or sign up to create your Yahoo! account.

(4) Yahoo!のIDとパスワードを入力します。
(5) Sign Inボタンをタップします。

(6) Turn “Upload to Flickr” on.

(6) Upload to Flickerをオンにします。

Example Programs

For Mac users

AirCameraControl application for Macintosh [Download]

For Max 5 users

AirCameraControl Max 5 patch [Download]
This is the source patch of AirCameraControl application.

OSC Protocol

All OSC messages for AirCamera are broadcasted to all iPhones and computers in the same LAN (Local Area Network). Both of OSC input port number and OSC output port number are fixed as 56000. AirCamera OSC messages are below.


Take picture.

/AirCamera/Assistance [0,1,2, 3]
(0:None, 1:Info, 2:Grid, 3:Help)
Show the additional information on the screen.

/AirCamera/Settings [0,1]
Show or hide the settings.

/AirCamera/Flickr [0,1]
Turn “Upload to Flickr” on or off.

/AirCamera/Flickr/Title [String]
Set the title of the picture you are uploading to Flickr.

/AirCamera/Flickr/Description [String]
Set the description of the picture you are uploading to Flickr.

/AirCamera/Flickr/Tags [String]
Set the tags of the picture you are uploading to Flickr.

/AirCamera/CameraRoll [0,1]
Turn “Save to Camera Roll” on or off.

/AirCamera/Size [0,1, 2, 3]
(0:Full, 1:Small, 2:Middle, 3:Large)
Set the size of the picture.

/AirCamera/SleepDisabled [0,1]
Turn “Sleep Disabled” on or off.

/AirCamera/Status [Address] [Name] [0,1]
(0:Not ready, 1:Ready)
Show the status of AirCamera.


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  3. Barry Omasta

    Hot do you connect to your computer and why can I not change network settings

  4. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hot do you connect to your computer -> How? via Wi-Fi.

    why can I not change network settings -> You can change network settings but the port number (56000) is fixed.

  5. Barry

    Broadcast setting does nothing, Yes you can connect to Wfi but HOW, no Instructions, How do you use the OSC voice cammandson on a PC. SHOW EXAMPLES.

  6. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi Barry, “Broadcast Settings” performs sending the current settings (ex. Upload to Flickr checkbox status, etc) to the other AirCamera(s) in the same local area network. Nothing seems to happen on the screen which you tapped.

  7. Jared

    Does this software enable multiple programmable photo captures? I’m looking for software like this that controls the iphone to take a specified photo count, and a feature that will wait a specified amount of seconds between takes. A syncing feature between 2 phones would be ideal as well. Does AirCamera have this, or when will you make these features part of the software?

  8. Jon Hooper

    I was wondering how many cameras can be controlled at once as it might be a good way of doing a cheap version of the bullet time effect from the matrix.

    Also are you planning on adding the capability of triggering the video camera on the iphone?

  9. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi Jon, The number of cameras (iPhones) is theoretically the number of IP addresses you can set. Thus hundreds (or more) of cameras is possible. Thank you for a nice idea of a video shooting control. I have no plan at this time but I have to think about it….


    have an ipod touch 4 latest model with retina display and cam. itunes store says the app works on there. here on your website it says no. possible to work on ipod touch 4?
    thanks chris ziegler

  11. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Dear Chris, I confirmed that AirCamera works on the late iPod touch with Camera. I will update this web site soon. Sorry for that and thank you for pointing it.

  12. Shantanu


    I want to be able to fire iphones with air camera from a mac machine. I tried using the aircameracontrol mac app you have provided, though both iphone and mac are on the same wifi connection, I cannot see the iphone in the list of target devices. Please help.

  13. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi Shantanu,

    Please check the firewall of you Wi-Fi network. AirCamera needs UDP port 56000. Or you can connect your iPhone to you Mac directly (without Wi-Fi router).

    I checked the apps today and they worked fine on iPhone 5s, iOS 7, MacBook Pro 2013, Mac OS X 10.8.5.

  14. Shantanu

    Thanks Akamatsu San – for a super quick answer.

    I have a question, How can I connect my iphone to mac without wifi?

    Is it directly – like a wired connection?

  15. Shantanu

    Also, is there any way we can connect over phone – I can call you at your convenient time.

    Please mail me – if possible.

  16. Nagai

    「API Failed
    Error Code=95
    “The operation couldn’t be completed. SSL is required” UserInfo=0x2eaf90
    {NSLocalizedFailureReason=SSL is required}」

    1. Mark

      I also had the same problem as Nagai when trying to connect authorize the app with my Flickr account when I was on iOS 7. Now, after upgrading to iOS 8, the app appears to open but nothing is showing up (black screen). Please help, as I have purchased your app with the hope it would work (as stated in the compatibility section upon purchase)

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