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Mirrorscope – Magical Peephole

Mirrorscope produces various visual effects using the iPhone’s built-in camera in real time. These visual effects are not only space-based like a mirror but also time-based. All settings will be changed automatically but you can configure settings described below when you upgrade the application (with In App Purchase).

  • Visual effects
  • Automatic option
  • Sleep disabled option
  • Front/Rear camera (for compatible devices)
  • Torch (Flash light) (for compatible devices)
  • Screen capture
  • Full screen display

mirrorscope-1-e mirrorscope-21 mirrorscope-31 mirrorscope-41

Mirrorscope – 摩訶不思議な覗き穴


  • 映像効果の選択
  • 自動切替の設定
  • スリープ禁止の設定
  • カメラの切替(対応機種のみ)
  • フラッシュの切替(対応機種のみ)
  • スクリーン・キャプチャ
  • フルスクリーン表示

mirrorscope-1-j mirrorscope-ex0 mirrorscope-ex1 mirrorscope-ex2

mirrorscope-ex3 mirrorscope-ex4 mirrorscope-ex5 mirrorscope-ex6

mirrorscope-2 mirrorscope-3 mirrorscope-4 mirrorscope-5


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  2. G-MB-

    I found yesterday this App and I must say it’s loads of fun, I can’t stop playing with it.
    Great work.
    But I have to ask, is there any chance for increased resolution of final image?
    Maybe some video version of this also?

  3. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    Hi, G-MB-, Maybe the high resolution would be in the next version. Video recording is not in my plan. Sorry for that.

  4. spaceracer

    Nice App

    Output reslotion improvement would be great as it is very low at present.
    Also to add sliders to control the speed, size and positions of effects would be great for better control as it is too fast for some scenes.

  5. JT

    This app is so incredible for visual artists…Please change your mind about video/capture version of this.



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