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TransReality is a visual application that rhythmically transforms a photo or the camera’s live preview. Enjoy rotating and flashing the sights around you or your favorite pictures.  Transformations can be made to be anything from smooth and calming to wild and intense.

Specifically, this application rotates, flips, scales and flashes the selected image. The transformation can be controlled intuitively by dragging on the screen and stopped by tapping and shaking.

TransReality includes the following features:
– Display of camera preview
– Photo capture and storage
– Display of photos from the camera roll or photo album
– Continuous and periodical transformation (Clockwise/Counterclockwise Rotation, Horizontal/Vertical Flip, White/Black/Hue Flash and Scaling)
– Drag to change the transform
– Tap and hold to stop the transform
– Shake to reset

– Camera functionality is not supported on iPod touch.
– Due to the stroboscopic and rapid transform effects, people prone to epileptic seizures should not use this application.

transreality-0 transreality-1




・iPod touchではカメラ機能は使用できません。

Operation Guide

On screen

Drag or tap on the four areas of the screen to transform the image. The guidance as below will be shown while you are operating. The toolbar button is at the right bottom corner.
(1) Drag to rotate the image. Tap and hold to stop rotating.
(2) Drag to flip the image. Tap and hold to stop flipping.
(3) Drag to flash the image. Tap and hold to stop flashing.
(4) Drag to scale the image. Tap and hold to stop scaling.
(5) Tap to show the toolbar.
(1) ドラッグして画像を回転し、タップし続けると回転を停止します。
(2) ドラッグして画像を反転し、タップし続けると反転を停止します。
(3) ドラッグして画像をフラシュし、タップし続けるとフラシュを停止します。
(4) ドラッグして画像を拡大縮小し、タップし続けると拡大縮小を停止します。
(5) ツールバーを表示します。


Shake to reset the transformation. You will see the normal view.

Toolbar on the camera preview

(6) Open the photo album and choose the picture you like.
(7) Take picture and store it into the camera roll. The picture will appear after a short time. This button dose not appear on iPod touch.
(8) Hide the toolbar.
(6) 写真アルバムを開き、お好みの写真を選びます。
(7) 写真を撮影し、カメラロールに保存します。撮影された写真はしばらく後に表示されます。このボタンはiPod touchでは表示されません。
(8) ツールバーを隠します。

Toolbar on the picture

(9) Open the photo album and choose the picture you like.
(10) Open the camera preview. This button dose not appear on iPod touch.
(11) Hide the toolbar.
(9) 写真アルバムを開き、お好みの写真を選びます。
(10) カメラ・プレビューを開きます。このボタンはiPod touchでは表示されません。
(11) ツールバーを隠します。


  1. ピンバック: 変異現実感【TransReality】リリース « akalogue

  2. John Glenn

    TransReality App

    I want to ask if you are going to make it possible to capture the images, as they are being transformed, into video (3GS). What I mean is be able to record.
    Thank You
    John Glenn

  3. Masayuki Akamatsu 投稿作成者

    John, It’s an interesting idea. But I think it would be better to realize it as another application, technically and conceptually.



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