AR Museum – Seeing Objects Moving

AR Museum – Seeing Objects Moving

“AR Museum – Seeing Objects Moving” is a media installation exhibition that was held at ICC in Tokyo, Japan in 2013. Several artworks using a new type of AR (Augmented Reality) technology were shown there. Visitors could see paintings and objects changing via mobile devices, such as an iPhone.

For example, in “ARice in Wonderland”, there were seventeen cylinders on which illustrations of the famous children’s story were printed. The illustration would begin to move and the story would be spoken when a device was held up to it. At that time, visitors could feel that, like the derivation of animation, life was breathed into a still object, and the confined story thawed and flowed into the real world.

In the same way, “Moments of Bloom” consists of thirty paintings of various flower buds and, as you look at them, they bloom into lovely flowers. The blooming of the flowers was shot with time-lapse photography, so we can see the energy and transience of the flowers’ lives. For “Uroboros Torch” there were eight serial paintings which showed the workings of man and the flow of nature. They also manifested the antagonism between art and idleness, as well as a circularly cycling eternity.

Furthermore, in “Smile World”, wall paintings and objects are covered with numerous small characters. Visitors are able to find hidden big characters, just like a treasure hunt. And “HypeCube” is a three dimensional cube on which a four dimensional hypercube would be projected, allowing us to feel strange and marvelous movements in a hyper dimension space that does not exist in our real world.

As mentioned above, these artworks are not augmentations but transfigurations of the real world. We would like to call this concept “Alternated Reality”, with the same initials as “Augmented Reality”, and call this technology “ARART” (AR + ART). Our aim is to produce a new sensibility and viewpoint by naturally melting virtual information into a real phenomenon.

Incidentally, although it was said that the real world would be changed, you might think it’s nothing more than a visual effect on the screen. However, with “HypeCube”, when the virtual hypercube moves, it is based on the actual movement of the real cube. That is because, once the mobile device detects the cube, its inner motor and wheels start moving.

You may think it a trick but it can be said that it suggests the activities of our present or near future. This is because, just by manipulating information on a screen, we are moving a real object. The book you ordered on Amazon should be delivered to your house the next day. Car automation and home automation are possible, and in the near future, real objects will likely actually move around via nanotechnology. In other words, this exhibition shows that we are living in a world where virtuality and reality have mixed together.

もの みる うごく AR美術館

「もの みる うごく AR美術館」は2013年に東京のICCで開催されたメディア・インスタレーションの展覧会です。この展覧会では、新しいタイプのAR(Augemented Reality、拡張現実)技術を用いた複数の作品が展示されました。いずれの作品もiPhoneなどのモバイル・デバイスをかざすと目の前の絵画や立体物が変化して見えます。




以上のように、これらの作品は現実の拡張ではなく、現実の変容です。このような考え方を頭文字としては同じARであるAlternated Reality、すなわち変容現実と呼び、このような技術をARART(AR+ARART)と呼んでいます。現実の事象に仮想の情報を自然に溶け込ませて、新しい感性と観点を作りだすのが狙いです。





AR Museum Layout


ICC キッズ・プログラム 2013 もの みる うごく AR美術館(公式サイト、ICC ONLINE)




「ARは今こそ面白い」 スマホをかざして変わる世界、「もの みる うごく AR美術館」(ITmediaニュース)
変容現実ってなに?「もの みる うごく AR美術館」開幕(MSN産経フォト)
「もの みる うごく AR美術館」開幕(動画、SankeiNews)
夏休みは「もの みる うごく AR美術館」で変容現実を体験しよう(ICC ONLINE)


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